The Creation of a Loft Living Experience

801_entry.jpg Past New York City resident and Minneapolis developer Chuck Leer saw the building’s potential immediately: “It had all the right bones for a true residential loft project,” says Leer. Together with renowned architect Garth Rockcastle, Leer developed the 1913 warehouse to resemble the Soho lofts Leer and his wife, Mary Leer, remembered from living in New York.

“We were attracted to the wide-open nature of the space,” says Leer. In his design, Rockcastle sought to preserve natural light and create a unique “interior street” by putting an atrium through the center of the building. Today, all units open to the atrium, where it also serves as a public space and art gallery.

Floor plans are designed to maintain the integrity of the open space inspired by both warehouse and loft concepts. High ceilings, absence of walls, preserved maple flooring and brickwork are hallmarks of most units. First floor units feature water-warmed cement flooring and open to the garden or Washington Ave. via garage-like doors.