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801 Lofts presents art openings three times a year. The three-story atrium and public space is a gallery, Art at 801, to local and national artists who display their work on an ongoing basis.

Art and artisans change every four months to display new talent and media. Gallery openings offer residents and the association a chance to open their doors to friends, family and others who want to support our local art community.







801 Washington Lofts
 Art at 801 Gallery presents

Grupo Soap del Corazon “Espirtus”

Work by artists:

Dougie Padilla
Xavier Tavera 
Jim Denomie
Lela Pierce

Opening Saturday, October 18th, 2014, 6pm to 9pm

Show runs through January

Music by DJ Michael Flora

Join us for great art, hors d'oeurvres, drinks, music and great conversation. 


Are there “spirits” in this world? Is there another plane of existence beyond this one? Do “they” walk with us? What are the subtler realms of existence? Who and what are they? Wait, who are we? How do we access all of this - have we lost the ability to see beyond the world of our body? “Espiritus” is an exhibition of 4 visual artists pondering these and similar notions at Art at 801 Gallery starting in October and running through Halloween, Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and into the new year.


Dougie Padilla

For this exhibition, I again addressed Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead, the traditional Mexican celebration wherein the spirits of those that have passed over return to the company of their loved ones. First I painted contemporary images of "Calaveras" (skulls) in joyous pinks and greens and golds and blues to accentuate the vibrancy of the spirit world life; then, I re-imagined the "Calaveras" with wild antenna as "Videntes" (seers), incarnated humans that can see and hear and feel and talk with the departed.


Xavier Tavera 

We impose features of the known on the unknown. We make the unknown familiar with elements that are recognizable to us. We become acquainted with the unidentifiable through places that we know, recognize or imagine.

In an effort to understand the indefinite we connect animals, plants, images and objects to our spiritual life. They help us communicate with the mystical.


The spirits are outside of me, the spirits are part of me, the spirits come out and depart from me.

Jim Denomie

All of the portraits in this show are from a series called “Disturbed”. Although I am basically a very happy person, I believe the content for these paintings come from past emotional trauma.


The nudes are painted from live models, or from sketches from figure drawing sessions, with context or story created at the easel, except for “Ceremony”, which was developed entirely on canvas from imagination.


Lela Pierce

"My work investigates the mystery of the soul (or spirit) in relationship to the body, and to the five elements in nature. Through the mapping of both experienced and imagined confluences of energy, I search to locate the vehicles of life force."



801 Lofts presents art openings three times a year in their Art at 801 Gallery. The three-story atrium and public space at 801 Washington Avenue North in The North Loop Neighborhood is a gallery to local and national artists.


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