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801 Lofts presents art openings three times a year. The three-story atrium and public space is a gallery, Art at 801, to local and national artists who display their work on an ongoing basis.

Art and artisans change every four months to display new talent and media. Gallery openings offer residents and the association a chance to open their doors to friends, family and others who want to support our local art community.







801 Washington Lofts
 Art at 801 Gallery presents

Jaffa Aharonov, Marc Lamm, Kelley Meister, Josie Winship

Artists working with installation, drawing, photography, woodcarvings and assemblage.

Opening reception Saturday, February 24th, 2018     6pm to 9pm 

Music by David Ruth and Friends


Show runs through May 2018

801 Washington Avenue North, Minneapolis


Jaffa Aharonov

While much of Jaffa’s photographic work centers around the (human) body, this collection is focused on traces of human existence. These images have a stillness that, while shot in 2016, could be from a future that we haunt, but no longer are part of. 


Marc Lamm

Marc works with wood like a painter works with oils and a sculptor works with stone.

When his art is seen from a distance, it appears the lines and shapes are painted on the wood, not the real, natural colors of the various woods. As you move laterally, the lines, shapes and shadows flow over the carvings and change like a landscape seen from an airplane. Upon approaching Marc’s woodcarvings, the shallow contours not seen from a distance suddenly appear like swells on a lake. And when viewing the art at night and the lights are set at a low angle, the carvings make hard shadows and create an entirely new image. The artist encourages people to touch his art, to feel the smooth undulating surface of the wood. These various aspects of the art give it life and invites interaction to the art in many ways.


 Kelley Meister

Kelley Meister (pronouns: ze/hir/hirs) is a multidisciplinary artist who is currently making work in response to life during the Anthropocene, the era where humans have irreversibly influenced the earth, its climate and environment. Hir body of work employs the use of drawings, videos, and/or participatory experiences to investigate humanity's struggle to discern our next move. This current work is a series of large-scale charcoal and pastel drawings examining the impact of the US’s nuclear program, from war to radioactive contamination.

Josie Winship

Josie’s orange, pink, blue and yellow mobiles, made from wood scraps and recycled kitchen cabinet doors, will hang from the giant beams of 801 Lofts. Her circus-like sculptures and paintings, celebrate the magic humans can achieve if only they put their mind to it.


Art at 801 Gallery, in 801 Lofts, promotes art to neighborhood residents and art lovers thru periodic openings, gallery style presentations and exclusive access to private showings… and more.

Art at 801 Gallery

801 Washington Lofts

801 Washington Avenue North, Minneapolis


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