Art at 801


801 Lofts presents art openings three times a year. The three-story atrium and public space is a gallery, Art at 801, to local and national artists who display their work on an ongoing basis.

Art and artisans change every four months to display new talent and media. Gallery openings offer residents and the association a chance to open their doors to friends, family and others who want to support our local art community.







801 Washington Lofts  Art at 801 Gallery presents

Artist Talk with Sara Belleau, Chris Faust, Terry McDaniel 
Sunday April 19th from 2-4pm
Please join the artists for a conversation about their art and enjoy hors d’oeuvres, drinks.
Sara Belleau
Sara Belleau will exhibit a series of vintage - looking images that illustrate "The Consequences", a novella length story set in Minnesota in the late 1800's. Belleau uses painted backgrounds, constructed sets and digital manipulation to create photographs that augment the works of fiction she writes.
Chris Faust
Chris’ photographs represent a collection made over the last eleven years. Part of this work has dealt with a fascination he has for what has been called cultural landscape. The way that people use private and public landscapes reflects differences in local and marks history. Landscapes are constantly changing which had given an urgency to his need to document this change and record the decisive moment.
Terry McDaniel
Photographer Terry McDaniel has developed a way to preserve her summer garden gems in ice. The light reflects through the textures of frozen bubbles and fractures against the contrast of the delicate preservation of summer. She captures the essence of the details in what is reminiscent of stunning paintings. In addition to this body of work she is introducing her new series capturing the elements of waterfalls as they progress from liquid to solid.
L. Kelly Lyles
Kellly’s current portraits of Candy are colourful and visual, nostalgically evoking childhood memories. Candy is universal, all people share a love of sugary treats, a common bond of simple happiness the world over, but this is a personal theme for me as well. The game CANDYLAND, the popular Milton Bradley board game inspired a giant 15’ x 12’ copy of the board game for viewers to stroll down memory lane whilst wandering the Peppermint Stick Forest and Gum Drop Mountains.
(Kelly Lyles lives in Seattle and will not be able to join us)
Show runs through June 2015
Gallery Hours
M-F                9am-5pm 
Sat-Sun        noon-4pm

Parking on Sunday on the side streets are FREE (6th Avenue North, 7th Avenue North, 8th Avenue North, 9th Avenue North and on 3rd Street North)

Parking on Washington Avenue North you will have to pay the same Daily rate 8am-10pm  (bummer)
Art at 801 Gallery, in 801 Lofts, promotes art to neighborhood residents and art lovers thru three art openings each year.
Jan Elftmann